Danielle Gray
Danielle GrayPsychologist

My Qualifications and Experience

  • Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) (Psychology) BSocSc
  • Bachelor of Behavioural Science BBs
  • Associate Member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS)
  • Psychology Board of Australia (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency)
  • Committee Member of the Australian Psychological Society, NT Branch
I have spent many years studying to acquire the knowledge and skills to effectively diagnose, treat and manage social, emotional, cognitive, learning, developmental and behavioural issues. This added to my practical experience and ongoing learning ensures your child recieves the expert care they need.
My mission is to enable children to reach their full potential and lead a full, healthy and happy life.

I engage with openness and honesty in the therapeutic process to give both children and caregivers the best chance of success.

Who I Work With

I am passionate about working with children and families to provide professional, practical and expert help in a private and confidential setting. I take a family oriented approach in achieving these goals and take into account the influence of behavioural and emotional problems on family members. I understand that healthy, positive relationships benefit all family members and their home lives. Furthermore, my approach is supported by clinical and research evidence.

I work exclusively with children of all ages from preschoolers to teenagers. I am a specialist in my field and know how to help kids overcome personal difficulties and challenges and teach them how to reach their full potential. I achieve this by imparting invaluable life skills that not only helps your child cope with a particular problem but arms them with a full repertoire of capabilities to deal with many aspects of life successfully. Additionally in some instances, children have conditions in which medical intervention is necessary. I provide a holistic approach to treatment by working with medical practitioners to achieve the best outcomes for the child.

My practice is a fully private service and I provide completely confidential, honest and objective advice and help. Quite often parents need practical and effective strategies to deal with their child’s challenging behaviour. I provide insights and strategies to use outside of appointments and sessions in order to maximise results. I believe everyone has the potential to make a positive difference in the world and should strive to fulfill their potential. I can make a significant difference to help children and families realise their full capabilities.

My Experience

Life before psychology – Danielle Gray worked on numerous cattle and sheep stations throughout the Northern Territory, the Kimberley, and Queensland before embarking on her journey towards becoming a psychologist. She has worked in varied positions from Jillaroo and rouse-about in the agricultural industry, to machine operator in the forestry and mining sectors. She has wide knowledge and first-hand experience of difficulties faced by individuals and families in rural and remote areas of Australia. Whilst studying Danielle also worked with as a Youth and Domestic Violence Worker in Darwin. Danielle’s down-to-earth approach

Life as a psychologist – Danielle Gray is a Registered Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia. She is also an Associate member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and has just been elected as a committee member of the APS branch in the Northern Territory. Danielle studied her Bachelor of Behavioural Science degree at Charles Darwin University, and her Bachelor of Social Science Honours degree at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Danielle continues to expand her knowledge and skills by regularly attending professional development activities and is enrolled to commence the Grad Diploma in Play Therapy at Charles Darwin University in 2016.

In her work as a psychologist, Danielle has worked in many different settings in both private and government sectors, and with a variety of client groups in rural and remote areas of Queensland and the Northern Territory. She has been a member of numerous multi-disciplinary therapeutic teams working with children and their families from who have developmental delays or disabilities, and her role involved assessing, developing and implementing treatment and therapy for these children.

After having a year break from early intervention, Danielle has returned to her true passion – working with children, adolescents and parents/foster parents. In her work, Danielle draws on a range of evidence-based frameworks and adapts her approaches to meet the needs of clients and their families. However, her work most often draws from attachment and trauma theories (for example, Circle of Security©).

Danielle aims to help children and young people understand that their wide ranging emotions are all part of what makes them human but to also equip them with skills to better manage their tricky emotions (e.g. anxiety, depression, sadness, anger) and adapt their behaviour (e.g. conflict management, social skills, avoidance, challenging behaviour) to lead a full and rewarding life despite any hardship they experience. In her work with families, she works to support parents and caregivers to better understand and be attuned to their child’s needs in order to more effectively support their emotional and behavioural development.

Danielle is truly passionate about the work she does with children, adolescents and families and she believes that every child has the right to be heard, understood, and supported, and for their uniqueness to be embraced and enhanced. Imagine living in a world where the people closest to you really ‘get’ who you are.