psychological counselling

You're in Safe Hands

At Nurturing Minds and Hearts we offer a respectful and confidential space for children and adolescent clients to work through this challenging time of their lives by supporting them to develop new skills and confidence to help improve their conditions, gain insight into their problems, and develop strategies to overcome their concerns.

When is Counselling an Option?

Adolescence can be a very stressful and unknown time of our lives – often due to mounting pressure related to school, friendships, family challenges, and not to mention hormonal and physical changes taking place within our bodies. While some periods of adjustment are a necessary part of growing up, counselling may be considered when your child or adolescent experiences:

  • Thoughts of being ‘abnormal’ to everyone else
  • Disrupted eating and sleeping patterns
  • Excessive emotional responses, such as overly sensitive, aggression or prolonged periods of feeling down
  • High levels of stress and anxiety
  • Withdrawn and lack of enjoyment in daily activities
  • Issues interfere with a child’s or adolescents ability to carry out everyday tasks and activities
  • Difficulties with friendships
  • Feelings and thoughts of harming themselves
  • Challenges prevent children from doing the things that they would normally do
  • Seeking constant and excessive reassurance
  • Feeling like nothing they do is ever good enough