Our Technique

At Nurturing Minds and Hearts we use the Developmental, Individual-Difference, Relationship-Based model (DIR®) developed by psychiatrist Dr Stanley Greenspan. The objectives of the DIR® model are to build healthy foundations for social, emotional, and intellectual capacities rather than focusing on skills and isolated behaviours.

Within this model we use a specific technique called DIRFloortime®. This technique incorporates following the child’s natural emotional interests (lead) and at the same time challenging the child towards greater and greater mastery of their social, emotional, and intellectual capacities. With young children these playful interactions may occur on the floor, but go on to include conversations and interactions in other places.

DIRFloortime® emphasises the critical role of parents and other family members in a child’s life and the importance of their emotional relationships with their child.

Play Therapy

Play therapy sessions at Nurturing Minds and Hearts support children and adolescents to work through psychosocial difficulties they may be experiencing. In the play therapy session children use the language of play to express themselves to prevent or resolve psychosocial challenges. Play may be initiated with materials such as paint, paper, clay, sand and miniature toys or figurines.

Play Therapy is an effective tool in assisting children and families who have experienced any of the following issues:

  • Trauma
  • Social difficulties with friends
  • Anger
  • Anxiety and worry
  • Attachment
  • Children with Autism
  • Divorce, loss, grief