Appointments and Sessions

Seeing a psychologist for the first time can be a very daunting process. For most people the thought of discussing your difficulties and inner thoughts with someone you don’t know often brings up a degree of nervousness and fear. Whether it is you or your child seeing a Psychologist, these feelings are perfectly natural. Be reassured that during your subsequent sessions these feelings will dissipate and you will feel more comfortable as you and/or your child progress through sessions.

Preparing for your initial appointment
So, you have taken the first step in seeking treatment for your difficulties and have made an appointment to see me. Fantastic! Let’s prepare you for your first appointment. I find it is often helpful prior to the initial appointment for you to write a few notes about your current difficulties as it easy to get confused or forget important information when seeing a psychologist for the first time. Your notes may include:

  • How have I been feeling lately?
  • When did my difficulties start?
  • Am I experiencing nervousness, depression or other emotions that are troubling?
  • Can I name what I am feeling?
  • What have I done to try to feel better?
  • What has made you feel better in the past?
  • What difficulties has my child been experiencing?
  • Where is my child developmentally?

In order to gather a good understanding of your difficulties, it is advised to bring copies of any documents you think might be helpful. These may include previous psychological testing, summary reports, referral letter, hospital discharge summaries, or recent laboratory results. If you are bringing your child in for therapy, please bring copies of recent school progress reports and psychological testing results.

What you can expect in the initial appointment?
The initial appointment usually comprises of three stages. In the first stage of your appointment, I discuss my ethical obligations as a Psychologist providing services to you. These include; informed consent, confidentiality and circumstances where confidentiality may be broken, my duty of care, and my policies about attendance and cancellation.

In the second stage, I will ask you to share with me what it is that has bought you to see me today. Although at first you may feel like apprehensive about discussing your inner thoughts and feelings, as our rapport establishes you will be amazed at how easily you can do this.

In the third stage, I will discuss a plan for treatment with you that will outline the amount of sessions required, homework tasks and both our obligations during counselling or therapy. Lastly, if you feel that I am the right therapist for you or your child we will make another appointment.

What is appointment availability and how many will I need?
Nurturing Minds and Minds offers appointments from Monday to Saturday from 9 – 6pm. Session duration are 50 minutes and depending on your presenting difficulties the number of appointments needed varies. For some people three to six appointments is enough for them to gain understanding of their problems, but for others with more complex difficulties more may be required.

Expert Help

Are you looking for practical, evidence based strategies and methods?

Honest and Straightforward Advice

I offer private, confidential and professional child psychological services supported by clinical and research evidence. I offer practical solutions that are in your child’s best interests.


Are you willing to actively engage in the therapeutic process?

Your Child Needs You

In order to attain the best results for you child, it is crucial that you are actively involved in the process. This will greatly help achieve lasting changes. You may even learn something new about your child, your family or yourself.

Long Term Plan

Sometimes solving underlying problems can take time.

Understanding the therapeutic process

While some minor issues may be resolved in a few sessions, other problems may take much longer. You should be aware that sometimes the therapeutic process can take time to resolve underlying issues to effectively help your child.

For Children

What you can expect for your child

My room is designed for children, adolescents and parents to feel relaxed and comfortable – it’s a good mix of child and adult friendly. During therapy sessions, the child, parent and myself will mostly be positioned on the floor with toys and craft materials as props.

These sessions are very interactive with importance give to the parent-child relationship. During one-on-one counselling sessions with your child or adolescent props may also be used as a way of expression and engagement with your child.

For Parents and Caregivers

What are your roles and responsibilities

During the therapy session, parents and caregivers are ‘coached’ in techniques and strategies that promote positive behaviours and strengthen the parent-child relationship.

Parents and caregivers will be asked to take an active role in the therapy sessions as well as being asked to reflect on their experience and practice the techniques and strategies at home.

My Clinic

What you can expect at my clinic

My clinic offers a private, confidential and comfortable space for children, adolescents and parents or caregivers.

  • Private and discreet space
  • Comfortable and relaxing setting
  • Off street parking